Indoor Wheelchairs innovated for Outdoor Performance

Some indoor wheelchairs have been innovated for outdoor performance. These are wheelchairs that were manufactured for maximum usefulness both indoors and outdoors consistent with different mobility issues. Since some individuals do not have permanent disability, their indoor wheelchairs should be adapted for both purposes. It also makes perfect sense to consider foldable ramps that can be stored inside the car trunk together with the wheelchair for travel. For an individual who is expected to regain his mobility after a few months of therapy and medication, the portable ramps would be a better option instead of installing permanent ramps.



Why medical condition is important in the choice of wheelchairs


The choice of the indoor wheelchairs is dependent on the specifics of the individual’s condition. There are several power chairs which offer both indoor and outdoor performance without any restrictions on maneuverability. On the other hand, there are wheelchairs that are small and portable to compensate for their poor outdoor performance by being portable for travel. Modern innovations on wheelchairs focus on safety, reliability and performance not simply to be an aid for mobility. There is systematic consideration on the wheelchairs as a means of travel for the disabled. The fact, many jurisdictions require the ramps or wheelchair lifts for wheelchair users for ease of access on steps and stairs.



How fast should the wheelchairs go?


Is speed an important factor in wheelchair choice? Will speed compromise safety of the user? A wheelchair should not go beyond the speed of normal walking for safety considerations particularly if maneuvering on crowded sidewalks. Since it is very common for wheelchair users to confine their movements within the community, speed is not a major factor. Some safety issues can arise with wheelchair speed.


  • The speed of the wheelchair should not go beyond the control capabilities and stability of the chair as it might compromise safety.
  • Smoothness of start and stop is very essential for the comfort of the user
  • When used on the streets, the wheelchair can be very vulnerable similar to a bicycle.
  • Careful judgment is extremely important in the choice with safety and performance as priorities.